In the area of the Commune there are places promoting various forms of recreation and tourism. A place worth visiting in Zaczernie is the Regional Museum in which in six rooms you may see exhibits depicting rural life since ancient times.

You may also visit a historic church with five altars erected between 1803 and 1806. In the church there is a gilded nut-brown organ decorated with vases.

Yet another historic church from 1891 is situated in Stobierna. While visiting, you should pay attention to the boat-shaped pulpit and a valuable statue of Madonna and Child.

Another interesting place is the 18th century palace and manor complex in Jasionka.

People passionate about historic objects and folklore will find the palace and manor complex in the ‎village ‎Łąka transformed into a social welfare home in mid 19th century alluring. The social welfare home is run by the Sisters of Providence congregation. What is more, in the village there is also a baroque granary from the 18th century and a parochial church from the first half of the 18th century with a late baroque interiors.

The old channel of the Wisłok River surrounded by luxuriant green areas full of beauty spots may encourage you to go hiking or cycling. You may admire numerous shrines built by the locals by farmsteads, roads and even off the beaten track. In Zaczernie alone there are 20 such shrines. Forest complex encourages active leisure.

The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima and St. Padre Pio is a destination of numerous pilgrimages. Between 1984 and 1988, on the initiative of Father Włodzimierz Lech, a Capuchin monk from Terliczka, a two-level church was erected as a votive offering in gratitude to Our Lady of Fatima for saving the Pope John Paul II’s life in the assassination attempt in 1981.

Well-developed restaurant-accommodation facilities are available for tourists visiting the commune. These are, among others, Fenix, Ostoya, Blue Diamond, Marand, Nowy Dwór, Terminal.

Tourists visiting the Trzebownisko commune have well-developed accommodation facilities at their disposal.

Hotel picture

Hotel data


Blue Diamond
Hotel Active Spa

Nowa Wieś 414
36-001 Trzebownisko

4-star hotel
Standard rooms 27m2, premium rooms 30m2 and 4 suites 50m2.

Dwór Ostoya
Jasionka 1A
36-002 Jasionka

4-star hotel
In the Manor building there are 10 rooms and 4 suites, in the Palace building there are 50 two-room suites (45m2).
The Inn and the Granary buildings have 46 beds.

Nowy Dwór
Zaczernie 955 A
36-062 Zaczernie

3-star hotel
Economy, Standard, De Luxe rooms and 2 suites

Nowa Wieś 246
36 - 001 Trzebownisko

3-star hotel The hotel can accommodate 46 people in 23 rooms at a time.

Zaczernie 914
36-062 Zaczernie

1-star hotel
The hotel can accommodate 44 people in single, double and three-person rooms.

Karczma u Jana
Zaczernie 1B
36-062 Trzebownisko

The Inn [Karczma] has 10 beds (double suites 45m2)

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