AEROPOLIS The Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park is currently one of the most attractive places for investments in south-eastern Poland. AEROPOLIS is an idea to attract modern companies and technologies and exploit the potential of local universities and research centres. The Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park is the first professional park in Poland, which aims at preserving long aviation industry traditions, deeply rooted in this region. The Park intends to focus on aircraft industry, both in economic and research and development terms. The Academic Pre-incubator based in Rzeszów University of Technology and the Technological Incubator in Jasionka operates within the framework of the PSTP.

The Technological Incubator is a place to do business activities for micro, small and medium enterprises. The Incubator promotes making use of high technologies from aircraft, IT, electromechanical, biotechnological and chemical industry. Offices and production – service halls located in the Incubator are available for rent. Entrepreneurs also have infrastructure, technical and conference facilities at their disposal.

The Incubator is of a total area of approximately 5300 m2 and consists of:

  • Office – Conference space – 39 offices with an average area of 30 m2 for rent. This part of the Incubator also has a conference room for 200 people and two meeting rooms for 16 – 20 people. There is also a dining area near the conference hall.
  • Production – services space , which consists of 12 units of an area of 100, 200 and 300 m2 for rent. Tenants have an opportunity to also use social and sanitary facilities such as changing rooms and bathrooms Tenants also have sanitary and social facilities, such as changing rooms and bathrooms at their disposal.

Not only can companies commencing their operation rent space in the Incubator, but also companies which are already active. It is also a chance for entrepreneurs who leave the Academic Pre-Incubator to continue their business.

In the Technological Incubator of a total area of 5,300 m2 you may rent the following spaces on favourable terms:

  • office space (39 rooms of an average area of 30 m2 ) – price 21 PLN/m2
  • production- services space (12 rooms of an area of 100 m2, 200 m2 and 300 m2 ) – price 15.5 PLN/m2

The above prices are subject to the following discounts:

  • 20% discount in the 1st year of operation,
  • 15% in the 2nd year,
  • 10% in the 3rd year.

Moreover, social, technical and conference facilities (conference room for approx. 200 people and 2 meeting rooms for approx. 16 and 20 people) are available for entrepreneurs.

The maximum lease period in the Technological Incubator is 5 years.

The Mission of the Technological Incubator is to:

  • facilitate the development of micro, small and medium enterprises;
  • enable the further development of enterprises leaving the Academic Pre-Incubator;
  • support the establishment and development of companies created by students, graduates, postgraduates and academic staff of universities in the Podkarpackie Province;
  • enable the use of the achievements of research and development activities of the universities in the Podkarpackie Province;
  • support large companies already operating in the Park or planning such activities.

The EURO-PARK Mielec Special Economic Zone

EURO-PARK MIELEC is the first Polish Special Economic Zone created in 1995, in the difficult times of transformations in Polish economy and after the collapse of a large local aircraft manufacturing plant, which was a state-owned industrial monoculture, with the heritage of production resources, and years-long industrial tradition and culture, but, first of all, local human capital.

  • Industrial Development Agency Branch in Mielec has been the first managing body of the zone.
  • EURO-PARK MIELEC consists of sub-zones located mainly in the south-eastern Poland, in the Podkarpackie Province, but it also has sub-zones in Lesser Poland, Lublin andWest Pomeranian Provinces.
  • The objectives of the zone include attracting projects which create new workplaces and investment capitals. The zone activities are aimed at attracting direct foreign investors and facilitating the development of national entrepreneurship in favourable business conditions.
  • The offer of the zone includes the following investment alternatives: greenfield areas - with full infrastructure and communication accessibility, brownfield areas - free manufacturing objects and "build-to-suit" objects, erected by the managing body (IDA S.A.) made available to investors on the basis of purchase, rent or lease.
  • Public aid in the form of corporate income tax exemptions at the highest level allowable in the EU is an investment incentive of the zone.
  • EURO-PARK MIELEC is an effective tool of regional development, facilitating stable increase in the regional economy and its investment attractiveness. For years, the EURO-PARK MIELEC SEZ has been positioned in independent rankings on the top of list of the most effective special economic zones in Poland.

The managing body of the EURO-PARK MIELEC is the Industrial Development Agency S.A. Branch in Mielec, whose scope of duties includes

  • promotion of the zone and companies operating within its area,
  • attracting and providing services for new investors,
  • issuing business licences for investors commencing business activities in the SEZ,
  • ongoing supervision of investors’ activities,
  • aid and assistance in terms of operating businesses as well as support in terms of establishing contacts with business partners.

About G2A Arena

G2A Arena The Exhibition and Congress Centre in Jasionka is currently the most cutting-edge business complex located in the Podkarpackie Province. The object was officially inaugurated on 23 June 2016 The main purpose of the centre is to host the most important and prestigious fairs, exhibitions and conferences organised in the Podkarpackie Province.

G2A Arena in Jasionka is a crucial meeting place for business community in the region. It takes only 10 minutes to get to Rzeszów, the capital city of the Podkarpackie Province, as the complex is easily accessible by car or public transport. G2A Arena is immediately adjacent to an international airport The Rzeszów – Jasionka International Airport is right across the road and the arrivals/departures terminal is 3 minutes walk from the centre.

A large parking lot is located within the premises of the Arena. The complex comprises of a congress hall for 872 people, two large conference halls for 220 and 190 people, 13 small conference rooms for 20 - 60 people, meeting room for 33 people and also two halls: the Restaurant Hall and the Banquet Hall for 160 and 120 people respectively, which makes a total of 16 thousand m2 of exhibition space.

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